Roasting lamb

Roasting the lamb in the barbeque worked well last night. I took out the rack and piled the coals up either side leaving the centre clear. After 20 minutes it had built up to a fierce heat and I put in the roasting tin with the lamb lying inside it. They lid then went on and I left it for an hour whilst we drank beer and ate the very good mustard flavoured pork scratchings.


I checked it before we sat down to eat the roast aubergine with feta cheese. I could hear it sizzling as I walked outside. There was a blast of heat as I took off the lid and a thick smell of lamb fat and roast garlic. All I could see by was the orange glow from the coals and In the dark it was difficult to tell how it was doing. It all smelt good though.

I turned down the heat by half closing the air vents in the lid.

Half an hour later I went outside again with six overripe tomatoes that I had cut in half. I squeezed and smeared them all over the lamb and then left it for another ten minutes.

I then took it off the heat and lifted it out of its tin and put it to rest on a carving tray covered with a piece of foil and a tea towel.

The potatoes then went on the table. I had roasted those in the oven with red peppers and a couple of salted pickled lemons. We also had some fennel with parmesan. Four fennel bulbs quartered, softened in olive oil and then water. It well with the lamb.

Still feeling stuffed and there is a bit of the lamb left for sandwiches in the week if I can avoid picking at it.

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