Lunch in Rosendals Tradgard drinking God Lager

On Saturday we had lunch in a rose garden. We took the train south and got off near the market Ostermalms Saluhall. A Swedish Market is a somewhat tidier affair than a Spanish one. There was fish but it was not piled up in the obscene quantities that you see in Spain. The meat was neatly cut up and there were not too many extremities. I was briefly tempted by what seemed to be reindeer black pudding but looked like their droppings. The veg was all in neat piles. We thought about coffee but decided to walk on.

The rose garden Rosendals Tradgard was in the middle of Djurgarden.  It was a large garden centre with a  cafe set up in a couple of the greenhouse. There were sandwiches and cakes and three dishes on the menu; mackerel salad, beef salad and soup. Behind the counter we could see the kitchen starting to churn out industrial quantities of the neatly made up plates.We were there at just after 12.00 and it wasn’t too busy. We both had the mackerel salad and took our plates to sit out in the garden.

The sun was beating down but we found somewhere to sit in the shade. We were next to a low hedge and on the other side a hose sprinkler was spreading water. As the breeze caught it we were covered in a light spray. Some of the families sitting nearby jumped up and moved to a different table. We stayed were we were enjoying the cool of the wet and eating our mackerel and for me drinking God Lager.

The mackerel tasted good and fresh and the salad was made up of a few new potatoes, leafs, tomatoes and cucumber all grown by the garden centre. It all came with a cool pale green dressing and tasted good enough for me to take the plunge with another glass of God Lager.

After lunch we walked through the other greenhouses admiring  small trays filed with bulbs ready for planting in a month or sos time all looking like so many bulbs of garlic and then we spotted a tray of those as well. By this time there were great long polite queues of people waiting for food.

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