Eating Lebanese

Time moves on and a week ago we were walking the streets of Stockholm trying to find something to eat on the comedown from the cost of our first round of drinks. It is probably unfair to characterise a weekend in Stockholm by the brutal cost of a glass of beer. There was some talk whilst we were there on how healthy and glowing everyone looked and how  nice they were even if it was only to buy some tickets for the tube; maybe that comes from not drinking as much beer as we do?

Amongst all the very smart hair dressing salons there were a lot of Sushi & Thai restaurants.   Despite that we ended up eating Lebanese. We walked past the place two or three times debating as to whether we should go in and for a while were taken back twenty years and walks up and down the Cowley Road trying to decide where to eat. The food was good. A big plate of salad with lamb kebab and various small mezze.

We ate something similar this evening. I made a salad with baby spinach leaves, red onion and tomato dressed with garlic, oil and vinegar. I then cooked chicken breasts and lamb chops (depending on who was eating) and crisped up in the oven some past its use by date pitta bread.

A bit of the salad was put on each plate, and then some chopped pitta and then either chicken or lamb. We ate it with Total Greek Yogurt which I then finished off with two tablespoons of honey.


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