Biblical weather and lamb steaks

There is nothing like some Biblical weather to scare the cats. The morning started off badly with a queer pink sky that seemed to be made up from a light reflecting back up off the ground into grey clouds.

`halfway through the morning I could see it starting to rain and a wind started to whip up. I tried to go out over lunch and was beaten back inside by thick heavy rain that tried to soak down into the skin.

The weather seemed to ease off this evening until about 10.30 when there was a flash of lightening that took the kitchen by surprise. The cats had been supine up till then on the kitchen floor enjoying our inability to work out the controls on the underfloor heating. As the thunder cracked they were up and about one of them hiding down in a cupboard behind a pile of plates.

I opened a door to listen. I could hear the wind quickening through the trees and then the sound of rain against the trees drawing closer in a rush of sound until it was down upon. This was a deluge and I found myself walking through the house checking for leaks.

Earlier in the evening I ate the last of the food from The Farmers Market – two lamb steak from Wales. I cooked them in a frying pan with a dash of cayenne pepper and ate them with fried potatoes and rocket. They were giving and delicious.

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