Mexican tinga poblana

So for lunch today I again went in search of something that would keep some of of the family happy some of the time.

When I announced that it was going to be a form of chilli there were mutters of discontent. I was allowed to carry on so long as the rice did not have black bits in.

So we ate Mexican tinga poblana taken from Diane Henry’s Food from plenty.

We almost had the highlight of the meal before most of the cooking was done. A chorizo sausage peeled, crumbled and then fried in bacon fat until crispy. There were children crowding round asking for another bit. The sausage was crispy with all of the taste.

The sausage that survived went into a large pan and then in the  frying in pan in which I had cooked the sausage I fried off in batches a cubed shoulder of pork. As the batches took on sufficient colour they each went into the large pan with the sausage.

I then fried off two chopped onions. As they softened I stirred in some ground cumin and garlic and that all went into the large pan as well together with sufficient chicken stock to cover (the large chicken from last weekend still giving).

The large pan then went onto the hob to simmer for a while,

In the meantime the oven had been on high and inside a kilo of halved tomatoes with some sugar, salt and pepper had been roasting and browning.

The dish came together when I poured the tomatoes and their juice into the large pan with the softening pork and stirred in some chilli.

We ate it with soured cream, rice and sliced avocado. A despite the misgivings the kids ate at least some of it.

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