Saturday lunch

Seven for lunch so we had falafel, lamb and stuffed pitta and flat Arab bread.

The food came from either the grocer on Oxton Road or The International Store. The falafel came out of a pack which came with its own scoop for shaping the small patties before they were dropped in hot oil. They are very easy to make. Simply pour the granular powder into a bowl and then stir 100 ml of water for each packet used then leave for an hour.

The mixture seems too wet to be able to hold its shape in the hot oil but somehow it does and they came out about an inch across, crispy and light.

I fried off the lamb at the same time. Chunky chops on the bone seasoned with salt, pepper and a touch of cayenne. I pulled all the nuggets of meat from the bone and piled them into a bowl for the table.

We ate it with slices of carrot, red onion, tomatoes, roasted red pepper and yogurt and hot chilli sauce.


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