A teal for lunch

Second Saturday of the month so it was time this morning to make my way to New Ferry and The Farmer’s Market. I got there early with half a mind to buy an Ox-heart for my sandwiches next week but there wasn’t one to be had. I was tempted by a very large rib of beef but that seemed a bit extravagant for just Galen and myself so rather boringly I bought another free range chicken for roasting tomorrow. We’ll have it with roast potatoes, veg and gravy. The veg will include green curly kale from the garden who taste should be sweetening touched as it has been by first touches of frost these last few mornings.

I bought a combination of Cheshire & Lancashire cheese for cheese on toast for lunch and my eye was then caught by some partridges, £3.99 each or four for £10.00. I wasn’t sure if I needed four partridges but the man then offered to exchange two of them for two teal which were about the same size.

I had one of the teal for lunch. It took just twenty five minutes to cook in a hot oven basted with a drop of olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper When it came out of the oven I pushed a piece of hard bread into the cavity to soak up the dark juices that had gathered there.

The meat was dark, the colour of liver, and there were small bones to chew.

The kids stared as they ate their cheese on toast. They could tell they were missing something.

We have been listening the National and Phosphorescent.



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