Crab with fusilli

Last night we had one of my favourite quick evening suppers. Apart from boiling water and cooking a bowl of pasta no cooking was required.

I picked up a dressed crab from The Farmers Market. Everything else was in the house.

So put water onto boil for the pasta. Spoon out all the brown and white meat from the crab into a bowl. Chop up some red chilli and a couple of cloves of garlic and stir into the meat. Squeeze in the juice of two lemons and a very good glug of good olive oil. Chop parsley and, if you have it, dill and stir that in as well. Taste. Season with salt and pepper. Taste again to make sure you are happy with it. Try not to taste too much.

By the time you have done all this the water should be boiling. Put in the pasta to cook. Normally this would be eaten with linguini but one of the kids had announced he didn’t like linguini so we had none in the house. I used corrugated fusilli instead which were well shaped to pick up the sauce.

Once the pasta was done I stirred in most of the crab sauce leaving some to smear over the top once the pasta was on each plate. another hot pungent sauce.

Later that evening I went into Liverpool to watch Phosphorescent in The Kazimer. Blissed out cracked voiced Americana. It was a good gig in a small intimate venue with the audience almost hanging over the stage singing along. I resisted the temptation to buy a t-shirt.

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