Mr November

Tired and grouchy and about to be filled up with cold. I should finish my glass of very nice red wine and head off to bed as I have another early start to Birmingham tomorrow morning.

Before I do that I should mention The National who we went to see in concert last night in Manchester at The Apollo. I have probably come late to The National as they only clicked a few years ago after they released High Violet. That same year I saw them play in a big tent at The Latitude Festival whilst the rest of the family and friends were watching Florence & Her Machine. Over the years there were a few that regretted not having come with me.

When I saw they were playing in Manchester I discounted the idea of getting a ticket as I thought they would be sold out. I was right but then another date was added and someone got tickets and so Galen and I found ourselves in the Apollo last night.

The last gig I took Galen to was two years ago to see a band called Howlin’ Rain in a damp empty warehouse in Manchester. As I recall there were only about 30 people watching and we were stood right by the stage. It was some of the most ferociously loud music I have heard. Guitars turned up to 15. It was so loud that Galen was almost reduced to tears as become overdone by tiredness and the sheer sonic overload.

He enjoyed himself a lot more last night. We agreed that there was something very cathartic in hearing a man singing about being having been carried in the arms of cheerleaders whilst guitars were being pummelled behind him. Hopefully we will be going to see a few more gigs soon although I doubt I will be able to persude him to try a return visit to Howlin’ Rain. Pity.

So did you watch. Did it make you feel better? Apart from the bit about American Express??!!

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