There is a partridge roasting in the oven

The astute amongst you might have noticed that amongst the photos on Sunday there was a lone corn on the cob looking a bit stumpy in my hand. It is all that we had from the corn seeds that I  sowed in the summer. I left the planting of them too late and although they grew vigorously for a while we only had the one cob. I picked it before the full weight of winter set in.

I ate it earlier this evening. Once shucked it was about two and half inches long and there was clearly a bit of growth to go. But I put it in boiling water for ten minutes or so and then ate it with butter, salt and pepper and it tasted ok. Next year I will plant then earlier and get a better crop.

Of course that is not all that I am eating this evening. There is a partridge roasting in the oven. It is sat on a bed of potatoes and apple and has got a piece of fatty bacon lain across its breast. The potatoes went in first, cut up into half inch cubes and turn in oil, salt and pepper and cooked until they started to brown and crisp. I then stirred in some peeled and cubed apple, a small clove of garlic and put the partridge with its bacon on top. It all had a splash of red wine before it went back in the oven

A good cure for a cold I’d say along with the rest of the red wine.


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