A few thoughts on Sunday evening and beyond

We went out for Sunday lunch this last weekend. The family took a break from waiting for me to put the food on the table and we all went into Liverpool to see a film and then eat.

The film was Gravity. After some consultation and deliberation we had all decided that we wanted to go see it. Without giving too much away I suspect that those on the Sandra Bullock side of the debate as opposed to the George Clooney side got the better end of the bargain. There were a couple of bits that reminded me of Jaws being the beginning when we see the grey shape of the space shuttle coming through the black distance of space and then the head in the hole in a boat moment. It didn’t go on too long either which was a bonus as I had to watch it with the 3D glasses perched on my nose in front of my normal glasses. Kids were amused and I was grumpy.

after the film we went to eat burgers at Free State Kitchen on Maryland Street and they weren’t too bad. Better and cheaper than Byron’s and without the incessant pressure to look as if you are enjoying yourselves. The chips just made it onto the right side of being crispy and there was good bottled beer.

I even got round to suggesting we should do it again.

Monday evening was Low inside The Anglican Cathedral. Go back through this blog and somewhere you will find me telling you that Low are responsible for possibly the best Christmas record ever. Grouch that I am about Christmas I slightly hoped that they might play a song from it. They didn’t. But they did play a lot of songs that appeared to about God. Some of the loud. Some of them quiet. And some of them moving gradually from quiet to loud. The ones that moved from quiet tended to finish very loud. That of course is a good thing although sometimes it seemed a shame that the noise they were making was not filling the whole of the Cathedral as opposed to the relatively small space we were occupying at the back under the Tracy Emin sign.


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