Jack Mackerel

There is going to be a sequel to this soon…..

Sheep's Head Food Company

Did you hear about the feckin’ idiot they started to call Jack Mackerel last summer. He came here for his two weeks and he had determined to catch some fish. He had the small house there round the point and he and his family were there. There was a boat with the house that was tied up to a buoy at the end there with some oars and after a day or so watching boats from the pier come back with their buckets of mackerel this man settled on catching some of the fish himself.

He had a family there with him and they weren’t wanting to go out and catch fish. They wanted the sun to shine and to be on the sand on a beach making castles. But this man wasn’t having any of that. I think he was afraid of enjoying himself.

He took himself down to Wiseman’s…

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