An excitement on Saturday morning

A recommendation.

If you want to bring some excitement into your Saturday morning can I suggest parking your car on a hill in Birkenhead and forget to put on the handbrake. That way you can get out of the car, close the door, walk round to the boot and open it just as the car starts to roll down the hill. Then you can try hold the car back by hanging on grimly to the handle for the boot and find out that actually cars are heavy once they start moving and don’t take kindle to being held back. You can look stupid for a moment. Then you can run back round to the door and try open it as the car starts to roll with a bit more speed. You can be thankful that the handbrakes works by way of a switch to the right of the steering wheel and if you have time you can try and remember if you push or pull the bloody thing. The open car door can clatter noisily against a sign on the pavement just as the car comes to a stop. Got me going that did!

No damage done. Must have been fun to watch though.

Lunch has been a carefully constructed chicken sub. Two split chicken breasts flattened and put to fry in hot oil with salt, pepper and hot paprika. Whilst they fried I split the bread and sliced up a tomatoes and onion. It was then put together and cut in half. My half had an extra doze of chilli sauce.

Supper this evening is a beef stew, with garlic and prawns. It comes from Keith Floyd’s book Floyd on Spain. It is probably one of my oldest cookbooks although it has not been off the shelf for a few years. Most people will take an old video to be put on DVD so as to preserve their wedding video or perhaps a christening. I did it so that I can have the very old TV series, Floyd on Spain, available for all time. If I understood the technology I could put some of it on here.


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