A short note before bed

This will be brief. Although I am going to bed shortly I will be up again in a few hours time waking up the rest of the family so we can drive to John Lennon Airport to catch an early morning plane.

For the first time for a long time we have a week away over Christmas. And not only will we be spending Christmas Day with the immediate Bullivant family (17 in all) but the whole week is going to spent in close proximity.

As families go we are lucky and will look to try and find ways around the raising of voice and the looking for a row. But over a whole seven days? We shall see.

We are spending the week in a large vila in Southern Spain which should work as compensation. Apparently there is Wi-fi. If there is then more bulletins may follow although they may be written through a fog of sherry, Rioja and Patxaran.

If the Wi-fi does not work – have a good Christmas!

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