Boys lunch on New Year’s Eve

In Edge & Sons the butchers this morning I was buying four chicken breasts for tonights Vietnamese Noodle Soup and a chicken for roasting for lunch tomorrow. Mt eye was caught by a small pack on top of the fridge containing some dark livery looking meat.

‘What’s that?’ I asked.

‘Venison steaks’ I was told.

I was doing lunch for father in law and son.

‘I’ll have those as well’ and they went into the bag.

I fried them quickly in a pan with some hot olive oil. As they cooked I seasoned them with salt and pepper and four crushed juniper berries.

When they were done I took them out to rest for a minute or two. I then sliced them into mouth sized and put them back in the pan with a good tablespoon of Hot Redcurrant Jelly that I found in the back of the fridge and left over from last year and a dash of water to loosen up the sauce.

We ate them stuffed into baguettes with salad and onions.

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