Variations on a upside down fish pie

A few months ago I wrote about cooking a sort of upside down fish pie I made it again this Saturday with some slight variations and despite the general grumpiness from some of the children when told they would be eating fish again it went down well. The variations were:-

1. To add a half bottle of cider to the dish before it went into the oven;

2. To put the chunks of haddock skin side up when I placed them on top of the potato;

3. To smear some more butter over the pieces of haddock; and

4. To cover the dish with foil before putting it back into the oven to cook the haddock through.

The first time I cooked it the haddock came out a bit dry but the variations helped to keep it moist.

Is there any better combination on a cold winter evening than smoked haddock, potato and cream. Not only was it tasty and filling but it also made an excellent base for the numerous pints of Peerless ale that were then drunk later in the evening to celebrate the first of the years 50th birthday parties. There was Dad dancing and then there was bad dancing. We got to bed a long way past our normal bedtime and there was a slow start on Sunday.

Over Sunday lunch this blog was subject to some mild criticism for the numerous spelling mistakes. Well I apologise for those. I do read it through before pressing the publish button but there is a lazy eye at work.  There was also a concern at the lack of musical interludes over the course of the last few months.

To make up for that here is a gorgeous bit of Welsh whimsey from Euros Childs


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