Pasta with a seafood sauce and feta cheese

Last night we ate a seafood pasta sauce with feta cheese. I had bought a couple of large bags of good pasta the previous week and one of them still needed eating. There were a reduced number of children in the house and the one that we were left with was happy to eat whatever was put in front of him.

I had been to Wards in morning and bought eight large un-peeled prawns, a handful of monkfish cheeks and and a large red mullet which they filleted for me.

That evening I put a large pan of water on to boil for the pasta.

As that heated up I dealt with the prawns. This meant peeling them and taking off the heads. I then heated up some olive oil in a small pan and threw in the prawns’ heads and shells. I used a wooden spoon to press down on the heads to squeeze out whatever was in there. As they turned pink and started to seethe I pour a glass of white wine in and let it cook down for a while until I was left with a thick, intense red sauce at the bottom of the pan.

The rest of the dish was done as the pasta cooked.

I started by warming some olive oil in a large frying pan. I threw in garlic and a few thin slices of chilli. As the garlic started to take on some colour the prawns went in. As they turned from grey to pink the monkfish cheeks went and then a handful of halfed cherry tomatoes. That was all stirred round and left to cook for a couple of minutes.

The red mullet went in then cut up into good sized chunks. Once the red mullet was in I had to stir more carefully so as not to break the fish up. There was half a tub of double cream in the back of the fridge and I poured that into the pan and poured in the liquor from the pan with the prawns shells.

The pasta was almost done now but before draining it I pushed some small nuggets of feta cheese down amongst the pieces of fish and added salt and plenty of pepper and a handful of chopped dill.

The pasta was ready and I drained in and then returned it to its pan. Half the sea food sauce was then stirred into the pasta with more pieces of feta.

It all then went into a serving bowl with the rest of the sauce on top and a final sprinkling of chopped dill.

We were running our fingers the bowl to finish off the sauce at then end of the meal.

After that we sat down and watched Jamón, Jamón.


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