The trouble with horseradish

Better weather so I have been out in the garden. I should have left the planting of the primroses until today. When I did it yesterday it was in thick and heavy the rain.

There is still some wind today but no rain and there patches of blue sky and if the sun were to come out it could almost feel warm.

It was a week or so later into the year last February that I wrote about the fifty snowdrops I planted and my worry as to whether they were going to flower. Some of them are out already and from the kitchen we can see the small white bells under the apple trees. More of them seemed to come out whilst I was outside.

On going outside and into the garage to fetch a fork I was faced with the question as to how the large road sign got in there. I suspect that the answer is currently in Paris but I will need to wait a couple of days to find out.

In the veg plot I pulled the last half dozen or so small beetroot that were left in the ground. The cavolo nero is still going strong so I will leave that in for another few weeks. I cleared the other beds and dug them over. The biggest problem appears to be the horseradish I planted a few years ago. It seemed like a good idea at the the time but the roots spread under the ground  and last summer we had horseradish coming out of the ground in odd spots. As you pull the roots from the ground they snap easily and each bit will potentially take if it is left in the ground. I did the best I could and every so often the sharp smell would catch at the back of my nose. I put all the pieces of root back in the ground near the compost bin. It would be shame not to have horseradish in the garden it just needs to know its place.

The greenhouse is a mess but I will leave the tidying up of that for next weekend by which time I hope to have some seeds to plant.

There were some dried plums in the plum tree.


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