Making the best of a pork chop

Sometimes all this is supposed to work as an aide memoire. So if I cook something good then I can make a note of it here and next time I am presented with the same ingredients or whatever I know where to look to find what to do.

It never works like that. There is no cross-referencing or logic to what goes on here and no real way to find my way back to what I have written. So I end up putting myself into Google with some words that I hope will approximate what I am looking for and hoping that something right will come up. So I know that some months ago I made a particularly successful curry and it came from a particularly recipe but there is no recollection of it other than that. I am fairly sure there would have been some mention of it on here that would give me a clue. Still doesn’t work.

Anyway this evening I cooked some great pork chops. Mostly pork chops are a disappointment but these came out fine.

The cooking of them took some inspiration from the partridge I cooked for myself last Friday.

It started with half a dozen old potatoes that were still covered in dirt and had started to sprout. I peeled and cleaned them off and then cut them into rounds about a quarter of an inch thick.

These rounds were then browned in oil in a heavy baking dish. They stuck at first and needed a sharp touch with a wooden spoon to loosen.

Once they had taken on some colour and had been turned a few times the chops went on top along with a finely sliced onion, garlic and plenty of salt and pepper.

The dish then went into a hot oven for half an hour.

Eating it I think the rounds of potato had taken on more from the cooing than the pork chops. They were soft on the inside and crispy and had taken on a sweetness from the onion and the juices that had leached from the chops.

It was a son and dad meal and we both left our plates clean.


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