A slow Sunday

Last night we had a nineteenth birthday party in the house. So at 3.00 o’clock this morning I found myself being rude about Pink Floyd (“God, I love Pink Floyd”?!) and looking out obscure Velvet Underground tracks in order to impress the teenagers. I tried them out with a bit of Goat but they weren’t convinced.

And so that took me back to me being nineteen and the parties I used to go to where there would be a DJ with a couple of record decks and a box full of records and there would be a time for sitting on the floor and pretending to row to The Gap Band singing ‘Oops  Upside Your Head’ and then sidling up to the DJ and trying to get him to play something good – mostly either Jimi Hendrix or The Doors.

After all that. today has been a slow day. Most of the bottles were cleared away last night and there was not much mess to clear up. There were, however, a whole bunch of stragglers here for breakfast who managed to eat most of the bacon I cooked before I was able to get to it.

The sun came out this afternoon so I took the time to go outside and start on the tidy up of the greenhouse. This involved sweeping up all the old bits of soil from the floor, re-stacking the plastic pots and throwing away the collection of seeds packets that has been mouldering in there for the last year or so.


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