“God loves me”

They were fighting over handing out the leaflets in Birkenhead this morning. I avoided them on the way down to the market  where I went to Wards Fish to buy haddock for this evening and prawns for  tomorrows lunch.

On the way back up the hill and outside Asda a woman came walking towards me waving a handful of leaflets. I tried to smile nicely and walk on and I almost made it by when she said ‘It’s to save the NHS.’ I had anticipated that she was wanting to talk to me about God l so rather sheepishly I stepped back and took one from her.

Having been caught out I was off my guard and before I knew it an elderly man was in front of me pushing two more pieces of paper into my hands.

‘These are about some worth saving’ he reassured me as I walked on.

Yesterday we went for a walk through a wood in North Wales. It was muddy underfoot and the children weren’t happy. But there were bunches of snowdrops out and when the sun came out the first hints of Spring.

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