Trying something new

After the blue sky of yesterday the weather turned back to normal and it has been raining for most of the day. It has not been a hard rain but it has been insistent – carrying on so even when it stops for a few minutes the air is still heavy with it and everything feels wet. Despite all that wet the fire I lit yesterday in the garden was still going and there were wreaths of smoke curling up from it. But no sign of the mouse.

Outside I planted out the sorrel seeds and four rows of onions. Under the cover of the greenhouse I planted the tomato seeds, beetroot and the padrón peppers. The bugger will be going out to water them over the next few weeks. But they are all underway.

In the meantime I cooked the beef ribs. As promised from yesterday they were rubbed with some English mustard, salt and pepper and then put in to roast. For the first twenty minutes or so the oven was as hot as it could go. Once everything was spluttering it got turned down for the next hour of rather more benign cooking.

The beef was just for Galen and me. I am setting myself the task of cooking something over the weekend that all the women in the family will eat. This weekend I delved into an old Sainsbury’s book The Almost Vegetarian Cookbook and something that I have vague recollections of cooking years ago before there were any children – cannelloni stuffed with spinach in white wine and gruyère sauce. The sauce was finger licking the pan good but the younger women in the family still insisted on forking the bits of spinach out of the cannelloni before eating the pasta and sauce.

We have spent the weekend listening to Nigerian funk and Fela Kuti. Kids are bemused.

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