Counting blessings

‘Count your blessings,’ he said. ‘And don’t stand there and tell me you don’t have any of the feckin’ things. Any man standing here with a pint in his hand has a blessing to start with  that’s good enough to top any list and from that start you can make enough to take that frown off your face.’

Last night I managed to find something that kept most of the kids satisfied most of the time. It was salty and bad for us and was set upon greedily with dirty fingers and greedy eyes. Plates were clean.

It was a large plate of Doritos with goodies on top. The goodies were some pieces of chicken that had been chopped up and fried with peppers, onion and garlic, tomatoes and cheese. It all went into the oven to warm up and for the last few minutes I put under the grill so that the Doritos started to crisp up and the cheese melted.

We ate it with sour cream, chilli sauce and gusto.

I could have done with a picture but we were too busy eating.

Listening to Ella Guru – the best band ever no-one has head of!

3 thoughts on “Counting blessings

    • A bit of both. It is a Captain Beefheart song but it is also the name of a band from Liverpool who released one great CD about 10 years ago and then disappeared.I will try and pass on a copy.

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