Mott The Hoople and a good bacon sandwich

Last night I fell asleep watching a documentary on Mott the Hoople. They were a proper sweaty 1970’s band playing guitars that made a loud noise. Somewhere I have a greatest hits from when they were on Island Records which over the years has found its way on to my iPod shuffle. There are about 30,000 songs on there so I never know what is going to come next. I was driving somewhere around the Wirral a few years ago and one of the songs that came on was At The Crossroads. It was so good I had to put it on twice – and roll the windows down – and then put it on again.

Almost as good as the bacon sandwich this morning. One of the butchers at The Farmer’s Market always gas a few packs of off-cut bacon going cheap. There are no proper slices just misshapen odds and ends but that doesn’t make any difference to how it tastes. If I put it in a pan on a low heat there is just about enough time to go out and get a paper before it needs turning.

I had it between two slices of crisp toast with a good dollop of brown sauce.

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