Beetroot again

Not so Spring like this Saturday. The sun has been out but only intermittently and there has been a cold wind that hasn’t stopped all day.

All the children were in for lunch so we had pizza. The pizza base wasn’t great. Last weekend when cleaning out the cupboards in the kitchen I came across an old bag of wholemeal bread flour. As part of the tidy up I poured it into the jar that was full of ordinary white bread flour and mixed the two up. I think the wholemeal flour was a few years past its best before date and there was a slightly sour taste to it.

I made just the one large pizza and a smaller one for the new vegetarian. I covered it with some onions that I had left cooking slowly in olive oil for an hour, then basil leaves, slices of plum tomato, anchovies (not on the vegetarians option), garlic and pieces of feta cheese. It got mostly eaten.

In the garden I cut down lobelia that has been pulling down one of the walls, burnt up another bonfire and admired the beetroot shoots coming through in the greenhouse.

I had a nightmare involving the greenhouse last night. My mother had been in there and tidied up. I woke up in a cold sweat just as I realised the tidying up had involved the seeds I planted two weeks ago.

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