Good Friday

I have clearly been investing in too much new music recently.

There I was in Probe Records trying to decide what to buy after spending my Good Friday morning in work trying to get up to date before going away for a week and some toe tapping music comes on. There are elements of The Velvet Underground and it is all in French so I ask what it is? Transpires I bought it a couple of months ago on the strength of the cover and name and being French. Now I will have to try and find it. At least I didn’t buy it twice!

The sun has been out all day so this afternoon I planted out the rest of the potatoes into three bags that are now lined up at the end of the garden.

Cora and I then planted out all the beetroot seedlings and then planted some more seeds into pods so we will be able to plant out some more in a month or so’s time.

I then lit the barbeque. Yesterday I was presented with a large piece of beef. I could have put it in the freezer to be had another day but it looked so good that I thought we should be eating it sooner. So that has been rubbed with olive oil and covered in pepper and is now sitting a few inches over what I hope a some red hot coals developing a good crusty exterior while the inside stays bloody and melting.

Thank you Matthew for that.

We will eat with some of the horseradish I pulled out of the garden last week.

The rest of the family will be eating veggie burgers and chicken wings.

We have been listening to bonkers flamenco music from the 1960’s and early 70’s and the the French Velvet Underground soundalikes The Limiñanas who you need to get into your life.


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