Going Spanish

We went all Spanish yesterday.

We spent the morning shopping in Liverpool. This meant stopping for coffee and finally giving in to temptation, after all of two weeks, and buying the last copy of Morito they had in Waterstones.

Leafing through it there were a few photos of the guy who had served me last year and who took Big Star off the music they were playing in there as I was the only one eating and apparently didn’t look like the kind of guy who was into Big Star (I was wearing a suit). He then had the good grace to put it back on for me, followed by On The Beach and he then took my iPod off me and plugged it into their system so I could listen to Big Star for the rest of my meal.

I will be cooking from it next week. In particular I am looking forward to making use of the garlic scapes that are growing at the bottom of the garden.

We had half thought about having lunch in Lunya but decided to go home instead and buy our supper from there in the form of a couple of jars of lentils and a six-string of chorizo sausages.

Back home I found a mouldering old piece of chorizo in the back of the fridge. Once the white skin was peeled away it was fine and I ate a plateful of it with slices of green tomato and a pice of toast rubbed down with garlic. It was a very good lunch. It was only a shame the sun didn’t shine so I could eat it outside.

Five hours later we had supper. The chorizo sausages were fried in olive which was quickly coloured a deep red, I then stirred in a chopped onion and some garlic.Once that had soften and started to caramelize the lentils went in until they were warmed through.

We ate them with salad from the garden and a very good bottle of red wine.

Listening to Adrien Sherwood and On-U Sounds. The kids complained.

“What is this music Dad. It’s giving me a headache.”

I though that was supposed to work the other way round. All I got to listen to at home was James Last.



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