Cooking from Morito

This evening I had a go cooking through some of the new Morito cookbook.

We started with small bread rolls. I wasn’t quite sure why the dough had to go into the fridge for an hour or so but they worked well and there are a few left over for lunch tomorrow. I changed the cooking of them ever so slightly by including some milk with the water. I have done that a couple of times now, using milk, and it maybe just luck but it does seem to add a good sourness to the taste.

The bread went with a dozen quail’s eggs and a plateful of padron peppers.

As they were being eaten I started on the fried potatoes and scallops.

The potatoes had been boiled earlier in he afternoon and then cut into chunks. The scallops just needed a sauce which was the juice from a couple of oranges and a lemon, a sprig of thyme and a bay leave, all cooked down to a sticky mess.

As we ate that I started on the rest; some pork belly cooked last night then cut into chunks and fried in oil with lemon juice, four langoustines fried in oil and garlic, beetroot with pomegranate and almonds, deep fried chickpeas with salad.

We ate it listening to Candi Staton.

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