Catching fish today

There is a whole world of difference between those things you’ve done and those things you remember. So tell me again when did you catch your first mackerel?

The only mackerel worth catching are the ones that are out there.

You don’t know where I am talking about? Look out of the window and look at the water. That’s where the mackerel are. There’s little point in casting your mind back to some place in the past when you think you might have pulled a couple of them out of the sea. That’s just nostalgia and being afraid.

Take yourself out there and see what you can catch today.

There is no better fish than the one you have just caught. If it is on the line and you are pulling it in that will be the only fish you will ever want. And if there is more than one on the line, if you’ve had some luck and they have taken a go at each of your six hooks feck that is only going to make for a better day.

And the mackerel you catch tomorrow may as well not be there. If you wait until then all the fish might be gone. So take yourself out there and catch some fish today.


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