Listening to Bobby Womack

It seems like a lot of time has passed since Saturday morning when I saw the news that Bobby Womack had died.

I remember the Sunday night of Glastonbury last year and he was there on BBC2 in his red leather and even watching through the prism of TV I found myself thinikng that this was the best thing that had been on all weekend

Apart from those parts of the weekend I spent drinking too much red wine we have been listening to his music. Most of it on vinyl. And those dozen or sides of black plastic have now distilled themselves down to one side of a greatest hits collection I picked up from somewhere I can’t now remember.

The side finishes with Harry Hippie which is the song that I wanted to listen to when I first heard the news.

It is a knockabout throwaway song but there is something inside it that could speak to a lot of us….

Everybody claims that they want the best things outta life
But not everyone, not everyone
Wanna got through the toils and strifes

Like this particular fella walks around
All day long singin’ this song
Sha na lah dah dah lah dah dah dah dah

It’s the sha na lah that does it.


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