Last summer we had a lunch at Manning’s Emporium as the rain came pouring down. We had a few glasses of dry sherry and plates of meat and cheese. As we left we were given a bag of small pieces of pasta shaped like flat pieces of rice.


Over the last year I have either come across that bag of pasta when not expecting to see it or remembered it was there and not been able to find it.

For two reasons today I came across the word orzo in relation to food. The first time was in a menu for The Open just down the road from here which someone had brought into work and the second time was on the twittersphere. I needed to know what orzo was so late in the day I put the words into google only to find a picture of something looking very much like the bag of pastaI had been given last year.



We ate it this evening. The pasta took five minutes to cook. Once it was done I mixed it with cherry tomatoes, garlic and parsley and then ate it with a couple of pork chops cooked on the barbeque.


Still listening to Dexys. 

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