Blueberry Syllabub

We have an old friend coming for supper this evening which seems like a good excuse for making a pudding.

When we in Ireland at Easter I picked up a book called The Pleasure of the Table which is a collection of recipes by Theodora FitzGibbon who wrote a food column for The Irish Times for twenty years. She was a cook of the old school and the book is full of recipes for things like Rabbit Pie, or Devilled Kidneys or Stuffed Lamb’s Hearts.

The puddings and cakes are the best bit and so I turned to it for inspiration for this evening.

I decided on Blueberry Syllabub; mostly because of the picture showing the deep pink cream in clear glass bowls.

Fortunately they had blueberries at the Veg shop and it was easy enough to make; just a matter of cooking the berries slowly in a pan with some sugar and lemon juice until the berries split and their juices ran. The berries were then sieved and the sweet dark juice was stirred into a bowl of whipped cream.

I had some help making it and had to slap down the small fingers wanting to run themselves round the bowl.

There are five glass dishes of it in the fridge downstairs.

We had burgers for lunch and I then made some fish stock. The next time i get a head that size I will try roasting it!



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