Meringues and pasta with prawns

It was only later on Sunday afternoon that I remembered there had been more work with the whisk when I opened up the oven to find four meringues on a tray, they were perhaps a little brown.

It must have been late on Saturday evening that I decided to make them. There were the eggs whites left over from making the mayonnaise and meringues always seem a lot easier to make after a few glasses of wine. So the whites were whisked up into soft peaks with a drop of white wine vinegar. I then must have put then put them into a low oven which I turned off when I went to bed.

The shops were still open when I found them so I shot out to buy cream, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries and we had Eton Mess for pudding Sunday evening.

Tonight we had an easy supper. Water on to boil. In the meantime I chopped up a red onion, tomatoes, garlic, dill and coriander. When the water was boiling I tipped in a bag of pasta. Olive oil went into a pan to heat up. When hot the onion and tomato mixture was tipped in. I added a couple of packets of cooked prawns and heated them through until the tomatoes were just starting to give of their juices. By this time the pasta was ready and drained off. The prawn mixture was tipped in with a third of a chopped block of feta and a load of salt and pepper.

Listening to Let It Bleed.

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