The Sunday of the festival and winning the duck chase

This time last year….

Sheep's Head Food Company

Sunday afternoon and we were two days into the festival with the Jack Tobin Cup and the mackerel fishing competition to go on Monday. Saturday night had ended with two of us propping up the bar in Arundel’s the place so full we couldn’t get out even though there was no money left for another pint.

The weekend was starting to take on the feel of a long drawn out wedding party. Barely familiar faces on Friday night were now being greeted like old friends and there was goodwill in the air buoyed on by Graham Norton’s performance on the Friday night and the worst of any rain holding off.

Around 11.00 Sunday morning the roads were cut off and we were stuck in the Cottage bang next to the pier where all the activity for the day was to take place.

The activity started with coastal gig racing. The…

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