A Riot of Emotion

I have been to boarding school and there is no doubt from that there is a tendency to allow emotion to rest in the back pocket where it is safe and where there is no risk it will be seen and taken.

So Saturday morning we drove down to Brighton with a car full of stuff and then some more stuff, so much stuff in fact that seats had to be put down and some of the larger stuff, but not the awkward clothes horse, had to be left at home. All this was to deliver the stuff to Kristen’s new house in Brighton ready for her to start at the University next week. The car groaned down the motorway and then groaned some more as we moved from long delays on the M40 to long delays on the M1 and then onto long delays on the M25 and then culminating in long delays on the last mile or so driving into Brighton.

We eventually got there at 3.00 in the afternoon and had just enough time to remove the stuff from the car and get into a nearby pub for a lamb steak burger and a couple of pints of good Sussex Ale. The Ale almost made up for the seven hour drive.

We then had 45 minutes to walk through the Lanes which was just about enough time for me to find the record shop I had found there earlier in the year and acquire for myself the new Goat album. (There will be more about Goat at the weekend if I survive their 1.30am slot at The Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia Liverpool International in Camp & Furnace on Sunday morning.)

There was then a quick walk up the steep hill back to Kristen’s house to help her finish the unpacking and then we were saying goodbye.

The journey back was not so long and we were able to stop off for the night and a breakfast with some very good bacon and sausage.

Back home and almost a week later The house seems a lot quieter and Brighton a long way away.


3 thoughts on “A Riot of Emotion

  1. I didn’t know there were any “record shops” left in Brighton – do tell us which one this is. Amazingly, there are a few bookshops in the town, too, for us biblioaddicts to browse in.

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