A room with a view

I moved office today and after eight years I now have a room with a view.

Up until now every desk I have sat at in the building has been next to a window but the glass has been inward looking into a large glass atrium meaning that the only view was a set of offices exactly like mine but with less paper and mess.

Now I have moved ten yards across the way and the window next to my desk looks out over fresh air. If I look over my shoulder I can a hundred yard stretch of The River Mersey, enough to be able to watch the boats and some ships come in then go out again, up a bit from there I can see the docks of Birkenhead and up from that, on the horizon, the trees of Oxton and St Saviour’s Church. Somewhere to the right of the church and hidden amongst the trees is home.

On a good day I will be able to see the hills of Wales and on a evening as the sun goes down the sky may light up a bright pink like it did last week. All from my desk.

It is just a pity it isn’t a view of Dunmannus Bay!


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