Welsh Rarebit

One of the staples on the menu at school was Welsh Rarebit except they called it Welsh Rabbit the words spelt out in white letters on the black board over the queue for trays and then food. Even then I wondered where was the rabbit and why was it Welsh.

This morning I took a drive round some of the backwaters of Birkenhead. Unfortunately the camera ran out of battery. I will be back.

Last week in Oxford I picked up in the second hand section in Blackwell’s a second hand copy of a book on cooking with cheese. It sold itself to me as it had half a dozen pages devoted to Welsh Rabbit/Rarebit including a couple on which name was right and why it was Welsh, It transpires that no-one really knows.

We had it for lunch today although I didn’t follow any of the recipes in the book.

A good lump of mature cheddar was grated into a bowl. I stirred into it some mustard, a squashed clove of garlic and enough light bitter to turn it into a sludge.

Bread was toasted under the grill and the cheesy mixture smeared on top and then put back under the grill until it browned and bubbled.

One or two heretics put a piece of ham on their toast before covering it with the cheesy mixture.

We ate it listening to Perfume Genius. The families favourite music for the weekend.

I already had a copy of the book!

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