Back to The Farmer’s Market

Another second Sunday in the month so this morning I was back in New Ferry for Wirral Farmer’s Market.

There aren’t enough children at home for lunch tomorrow to justify a whole roast chicken but I bought one anyway to put in the freezer for next weekend. I was tempted by a the rabbits and a hare but we already have a couple of rabbits in the freezer waiting to be eaten and I suspect that somewhere towards the very bottom of the freezer there will be a plastic tub filled with stew that I made with the last hare that I bought about ten years ago.

All of which suggests that I need to undertake a good excavation of the freezer to unearth all the stuff that has been in there too long – like the occasional pigs foot I have bought just because it was there and you never know when you might need one.

Back in the Farmer’s Market I bought a bag of bloody mince for making a shepherd’s pie, some extra large carrots to go with the mince, beetroot, potatoes and onions, and two lamb leg steaks for lunch.

I fried the steaks for five minutes in hot oil seasoning as I went with salt and pepper. When they were done I tipped in a mixture of lemon zest, crushed garlic and sage leaves and then the juice of a lemon.

I ate them with small pieces of pasta.

Listening to The Go_Betweens.

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