Moving around some history at Homebaked

I spent a couple of hours this morning in Anfield at Homebaked moving around some history.

Although downstairs is now a functioning bakery selling bread, pies and very good sausage rolls, upstairs is still as it was thirty years ago with added layers of dust and clutter. The intention is in due course it will be turned into good living accommodation – and what could be better than living upstairs of a bakery.

But before that work can started we needed to clear out some of the stuff up there so skips were ordered and I was there at 9.30 this morning with a pair of old gardening gloves to help shift some rubbish.

A lot of it was rubbish, broken chairs and window frames and pieces of glass, half empty paint tins, odd bits of metal, a box a dried yeast twenty fine years past its use by date, damp curtains, pieces of wood and more pieces of metal. There were boxes of old baking magazines and I had to resist the temptation to take those home to be read later.

In one room we found an old family bible that looked as it could have been as old as the hundred year old dust that billowed up from the linoleum that we pulled up from the floor. There were old counters that had to be broken apart before we could get them downstairs and leaning against a wall a large trough that was about 10 feet long and three feet long. All it need was a lid and it would have made a good coffin.

We left for another day the shelves stacked with old baking tins.

Most of them were black with rust and stuck solid together. There were all shapes and sizes. Some of the big ones looking large enough for the giant that could have fitted into the flour trough.

I was able to bring some of them home and they are now in the basement waiting for me to find something useful to do with them.

I rescued from the skip what looked a set of moulds for Easter eggs wrapped in copies of the Liverpool Echo dated 19 March 1965.

Back at home I made some dough for pizzas to eat before we go see John Grant this evening.

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