A day spent listening to John Grant

There was some dough left over from last nights pizza. I spread it out on a oven tray and put it in the fridge until this morning. I then took it out and put it somewhere warm to rise.

Once it was cooked it was as chewy and good as bread as it had been in the pizza. It must be the use of yogurt.

We had it with pieces of chicken cooked with garlic and bay leaves, more roast potatoes, beetroot with yogurt walnuts and dill and ratatouille.

We have spent the day listening to John Grant and The Czars.

It is worth saying that as I get older there is something worthwhile in being able to drag the kids along to the sort of music I like to listen to.

Somewhere upstairs and well hidden in the attic I have the two James Last albums which I think may be the only musical legacy I have left hanging over from my parents apart from Blondie (at Deeside Leisure Centre) being my first and Dads’s last and possibly only gig.

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