Getting pizza dough right before John Grant

One of the disadvantages of being a periodic maker of pizza dough is never being able to remember how you got it right last time.

I make pizza for the family about once every six weeks and sometimes it works and sometimes it could have been better. There is never any great consistency in how I go about making it and certainly no measuring of ingredients.

Last nights dough worked particularly well so here is an attempt to record what was done.

I started with about one pound of strong white flour into which I added a good table spoon of crushed sea salt and two tablespoons of Total Greek yogurt.

For the yeast I poured a sachet of dried yeast into about a pint of warm water and stirred in a couple of table spoons of honey.

I then stirred the water with its yeast and honey into the flour and started to mix it around with my fingers. It was very sticky to start so I added more flour as I went along until I got to a kneadable mass.

When kneading bread I time myself to the music I am listening to. Last night I kneaded through the first couple of songs on John Grant’s Queen of Denmark.

Halfway through the kneading I added some olive oil pouring a good glug into a well I had made in the dough and then working it in as I carried on kneading.

Once the two songs were finished I tipped the dough into a bowl and lubricated it with some more oil. It was then left for a couple of hours on a warm floor.

Forty mintes or so before eating I took enough of the dough to roll it out flat onto a large baking tray. That was kept warm for half an hour whilst I sweated onions and garlic with a tin of chopped tomatoes. The oven was put on full heat.

Ten minutes before eating I smeared the tomato sauce over the pizza and then added some thick rounds of salami and a generous handful of mozzarella cheese. More oil and plenty of salt and pepper went on for seasoning and it all went into the very hot oven.

Whilst it cooked I showered and picked out a bright orange jacket for John Grant.

It came out of the oven blistered and hot and just as a good pizza should be.We will have to see if I can make it again.


John Grant was brilliant. He played for a couple of hours and I think everyone in the Phil would have been quite content for him to have gone on for another hour or so. I think he liked the jacket.

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