You would have thought that having reached a certain age I would be able to resist the little handwritten labels that can be found at the top right hand corner of the records they sell in Probe.

But there I was today leafing through the racks to waste a few minutes over lunch before going back to the office and my eye was caught by the words “massively recommended”.

Shit. I may never see this piece of vinyl again and who knows what I might have missed. I have been in there enough times and bought something just because it was what they had playing. If this was so good I better have it. Now.

Not only was it recommended but it was also “Brilliant trip-pop…think Broadcast,, Stereolab, United States of America, Strawberry Alarm Clock”. All of which sounded like very good advice on a wet and grey Wednesday afternoon. So I made my investment and have not been disappointed.

I was told last night that I was wasted as a lawyer and should go out and open up the record shop I would have been running if I had not gone ahead and passed my Law Society Finals.

I am not sure about a record shop as such but a small place selling good food with a record player in the corner playing a random selection from what I have got on the shelves sounds quite good. Of course I would have to be the one selecting the music.

Whilst thinking on that I have been making plans to make pies with some of the battered, rusty and encrusted pie tins that have sat for the last thirty years or so upstairs at Homebaked. I have washed a couple of them out and I think they will be okay to use. They have the dark black patina that comes from having spent years going in and out of high heat and the metal is thin with use. But line them with pastry and fill them with some cooked beef they should come out good.


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