Spiced chicken wraps

It was just the son and me at home this evening so we ate spiced chicken in wraps with rice and salad.

For the chicken I took a couple of skinned breasts and four skinned and boned thighs, chopped them into chunks and started to fry them in hot olive oil.

As they sizzled I sliced a red onion and a red pepper and stirred them into the chicken. Spices were added; a good shake of cayenne pepper, smoked paprika and ground cumin, plenty of salt and pepper and a couple of spoonfuls of white balsamic vinegar. It was all stirred again, the heat turned down and left to cook.

As it did that I cooked the rice. Sainsbury’s do a packet of basmati and wild rice which go great with this sort of thing. Some of the kids don’t like it, complaining about the black bits, but the son doesn’t mind.

Once the rice was done it was just a question of extracting the son from his room to eat and assemblage; warming a wrap and then layers of salad, chicken and rice, and for those who wanted it cooling Greek yogurt and hot chilli sauce, and folding it up right so nothing leaks out.

They went down okay. Whilst eating we listened to an album  I must have bought 14 years ago by some people called Broadway Project. It sounded very good – all broken up sounds and disembodied voices and flutes.

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