Cheating on the falafel

One of the kids announced today that her favourite saturday lunch is pitta bread stuffed with chicken tikka so that is what she had.

The rest of us went more refined and had either lamb steaks that had been fried in a hot pan with plenty of cumin or falafel.

I cheated with the falafel using a mixture that comes from The International Store. They are ridiculously easy to make. Just had water to the mix, stir and then leave for an hour.

You do of course need a aleb falafel (or falafel mould) to shape the small patties before frying them in not too hot oil.

I had my lamb on warmed Turkish flatbread on a bed a salad, tomato, onion and red pepper and slathered with Greek yogurt and hot chilli sauce.

I will make proper falafel next time.

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