Getting things wrong with smoked haddock

After last nights chilli and garlic there has been a need for something soothing and easy on the tongue. So when soothing calls is there anything that does it better than smoked haddock, cream and potatoes.

I half had those things in mind when I came across a recipe in Diane Henry’s Food From Plenty for a smoked haddock stovie with fried eggs and mustard sauce.

Having looked it up I am not sure how close to a true stovie this was but it tasted alright despite the various things that went wrong.

The dish itself was basically a large fish cake made with potatoes, boiled leeks and smoked haddock cooked in milk. There was some grated horseradish from the the garden  for a warming background.

I overcooked the potatoes so they were too mushy but that didn’t matter too much.

What did matter was me burning the cream whilst I talked socks by the front door. I was able to rescue it but I could taste that it had been burnt.

I then managed to split the yolks of a couple of the fried eggs.

Notwithstanding the various things that went wrong we ended up with a plate of comforting food all bouyed along with the smoked haddock.

We ate it listening to The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band going through their paces with The Circle Will Be Unbroken.

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