Foraging for beer and paint sea and air

Without really trying the barrel of homebrew has been substantially dimished. About half of it has gone and there have been a few muttered complaints that it isn’t as good as it was a few days ago. Presumably that means we will have to finish it off.

In the meantime on a forage around the basement I came across a couple of beers. The banana next to the Leffe is there to provide a precise indication of its size. Unfortunately the drink before date was sometime back in 1998 and so whilst I am sure the beer will still be okay there is a reluctance to open the bottle up a face the inevitable disappointment.

By way of contrast the drink by date on the bottle of Chouffe is end of 2014. So I only have a few days to finish it off!

Outside the ground is still hard with frost and snow and inside the nascent artist in the family has been working off excess energy by getting to grips with paint, sea and air.

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