And again there were four

The weekend was a quick spurt down to Brighton to drop off the eldest for her next term at University.

Unfortunately we got down there too late to wander about the lanes (and buy more music – which is what I normally aspire to do anywhere we go) but there was time for a few pints of beer and a good meal.

We had the beer in a pub called The Ponds at the top of Gloucester Road. It doubled as a Thai restaurant on the first floor.

For most of the time we were in there the only company we had was a man with a glass of white wine who kept going out on various errands, accompanied by the barman on one occasion, which left us alone, potentially, to help ourselves to the beer. We didn’t but on the next round the barman recommended that for my next round I should try a mix of the Landlord and Doom Bar before handing back too much change and shaking his head with a don’t bother when I tried to hand it back.

Sensibly I avoided the temptation of the next round and we left the pub for something to eat and a walk down to the prom to look at the sea in the dark and the lights of the pier.

Back home we were wanting a quick cheap supper. I was able to pick up a couple of pork chops and so we had those with potatoes.

The potatoes were peeled and chopped into rough chunks and then put into a hot oven with a good dose of oil.

In the meantime the chops were slathered in more oil, garlic and paprika. Once the potatoes had taking on the first touch of colour the chops were laid on top with a good seasoning of salt and pepper.

It went back into the oven until the chops were cooked and the potatoes done so they could easily be run through with a knife.

It was warm and sustaining on a cold and quiet Sunday evening.


And now the in house the Christmas tree and the lights are down and it is all that little bit quieter again as we settle into the routine of term time.

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