Looking forward to the ‘Super Duper Spicy’ mackerel curry

So on Saturday I have a night in London and a need to find something to eat. I cast my mind back to whatever I might have read about over the last few months on good places to eat in London and all I could think of was a review that Jay Rayner had done for The Observer of a place that did an obscenely good mackerel curry.

Happily all I had to do was put into Google – Jay Rayner mackerel – and the review was in front of me in all its sweaty glory.

Here is a taster:-

Whether the mackerel curry at Janetira in London’s Soho is an experience you will wish to accumulate will be a judgement call. I’m glad I’ve done it. In the way of this particular dish I suspect I will be compelled to do it again, even though to the western palate it is more wrongness than you could find in the locked bottom drawer of a Tory MP’s filing cabinet. They make much of its heat. It is listed not just on the menu in the simple dining room, a vaguely gloomy modernist space of blocky dark wood tables, but also on a blackboard, where is written: “Super Duper Spicy – we dare you.” There are four chilli pictograms by it. You get the idea.

So that is where I will be heading on Saturday night. It will probably be a good thing I will be waking up alone on Sunday morning.

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