Getting back to the Sheep’s Head Food Company

If you are reading this full page open on the internet go to the top and open up the link that reads “A few words about the Sheep’s Head Food Company” and scroll down and see what it says.

The ideas set out there still colour my dreams and there are plenty of people who will tell me that I should be doing something else other than being sat at a desk trying to wave a magic wand over desultory disputes over property and the better thing I could be doing should be tied up with food.

With that thought a group of kind hearted friends clubbed together to buy me a ticket to go  on one of the Masterclass Courses promoted by the Guardian with a view to me toddling along and turning my life around.

I chose the course called “The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Food Business” and that was how I spent my last Sunday. Of course taking place on a Sunday and with the time of trains down to London I managed to find myself with an excuse to spend my first Saturday night out in London for about twenty years. Some of you may have read about that and the filthfully good mackerel curry that was had.

But the real meat of the weekend was had over the Sunday.

Ironically the course took place in Royal Society of Medicine on Wimpole Street. I had been there before a few years ago to attend a course on property litigation. The good news is that this time I didn’t fall asleep in the very comfy leather seats. Over the course of the next few posts I will try and set down some thoughts on the day.

But in the meantime be reassured I am gathering thoughts on how to bring some Irish cheese to Birkenhead!


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