The family complete again

When a member of the family has been away for a few weeks and then is home for a brief weekend before Easter there is a temptation to be accepting of whatever it is that she wants for her tea on the first evening back.

She wanted pizza. And almost immediately there was a debate as to whether there was enough time to make some dough from getting back from work, giving it time to prove and then to make a good thick tomato sauce for the topping.

In the event there was time for all of these things. The dough was made before I got home and the various toppings were cooked, chopped and laid out, ready to be cooked in a vey hot oven.

The pizzas were very good and I might have written more about them but have found myself befuddled over the last half hour over an argument with the youngest member of the family as to the difference between an objective and subjective viewpoint.

I suspect she was right.

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